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08-23-2013, 12:43 AM
It happened the other night. I pug-ed CSE. There was a little lag for me, but apparently there were cases of dropped players. We almost instantly became 4. I cleared the middle cube and went back to help with spawns. A Ha'feh beam boat with its mediocre damage output somehow managed to kill the said cube. Someone bailed immediately and there were 3 of us left - the mentioned Ha'feh and an assault refit captain, who didn't have a great output, but at least knew what needs to be done (he was on the left before the cube went down). He started working on the right cube, I took care of both left and right cube raptor spawns for quite a while and the Ha'feh presented a light show. After 4 waves of raptor, the cube was finally brought down. Then we received a reinforcements and completed everything uneventfully. Of course, the optional was lost due to time constraints...if it wasn't for my new toy, the mission was done for. (it was the test run for my Recluse)