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08-23-2013, 01:45 AM
Originally Posted by bughunter357 View Post
if you want them to test it maybe it should be you that needs to get on tribble and help test instead of griping when the %^&* hits the fan.

and just to clarify I am not missing mails
First - as a publisher it is on your responsible to test changes before updating/patching and not the fault of the gamers. The gamers dont get payment for testing anything on tribble - so pay us for testing. Cryptic gets the money from the gamers and on the other hand the gamers can expect that Cryptic test new content before publishing it.
Second - if only showing 200 or 300 mails - then why not the newest instead the oldest ?
Third - the limit includes not only STO - the CO mails get counted too and i think NWO too.