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08-23-2013, 02:10 AM
I feel that there should be some account based accolades and the rep system is definitely a prime candidate.

Also to avoid the alt grind which kills alt toon play and most importantly it reduces sales that STO would get from new faction/servant race releases. I have not, nor will i get Romulan ships because the rep system prevents me from being competitive on the Romulan toon.

My prediction is they will make an attempt at fixing it, now whether they take the dilithium mine approach with a token effort or give something more substantial is yet to be seen. At least with fleet holdings there are little issues with alt fleets similar to toons.

My solution to alts is a token each time you complete a Tier in a reputation system. You get a token. That Token is account bound, that token can be slotted into a rep mission on another toon and grant that same level to the second toon and completion of that accelerated tier mission grants another token. This allows a daisy chain through all the toons and while kinda tedious it is much less tedious than the current system and I don't think it would be a programing obstacle because they are creating an item that is account bound, using it as an input for another toons mission that grants a number of XP and tier access without them figuring out how to implement an faction/account wide based rep system from the ashes of a toon based rep system.

At least it seems to be a sensible and respectable work around that would not garner a lot of complaint from the rational player base.
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