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The long road back...

Dear Admiral T'Vir,

I understand that an enquiry as personal as the one I will bring before you here, is most unusual, and in no way part of your normal duties as a Starfleet Admiral.

Still I beg for your attention, if not for your sympathy.

As you will know I am married to Captain Emily Skarsgard, currently under your command. Our relationship has been thriving eversince, in spite of the difference in our occupation. Her dedication to the service has never been a hindrance in the advancement of our relationship.

That said, until now.

Everything changed when Captain Skarsgard returned from her last mission. In fact it was Emily herself who had changed. The woman that brought USS Pauling back into Stardock was not the one who left it on the same ship six months before. A vital and happy person, full of optimism has become a silent being now, acting every move with an extreme caution, that feels almost unnatural to anyone knowing her before.

I know Admiral that if this were solely a private matter you would not care, but I am afraid it is not. The new Emily Sk?rsgard, the one that returned from wherever you send her, is unfit to command a starship. This is not just my personal feeling but this is what she told me herself in private. I hope Admiral, that you can guess now, from me telling you that how serious I am about this matter.

So, at least, we shall proceed to my enquiry.
I understand that we are at war and that this brings with it a certain need for caution. I know the Pauling?s last mission was secret.

But I must know what happened.

Whatever the Pauling?s mission was, something terrible must have happened. I know that there were losses, not that Emily ever told me, but I could tell it from her eyes the moment she materialised. I can only sketchily imagine the kind of crisis my wife is facing inwardly. And this, Admiral, is the point where I need your help. Every attempt on my side, to talk to her, to get to the heart of her pain, is blocked by Emily with reference to the secrecy of the mission. This veil of secrecy only you can lift.

I know she has help, professionals for all I know, back at Starfleet but I doubt any of your Couselors can reach her now. All the trust our long relatioship has built seems not to be reproduceable with the current Emily Skarsgard. At this moment I seem to be the only person Emily is willing to trust. The only one she will open her heart for. If she is released of that bond of secrecy.

As much as it is not logical to sacrifice so able an officer to unneeded secrecy, as deadhearted is it to leave the human behind that officer in such a state.

Especially you, as a leader of so many souls will understand the value of true companionship, friendly support. And you, above all will want Captain Skarsgard to have a fair chance in this struggle, that is perhaps the hardest of all - fighting ones way back into normal life after suffering a blow so hard it changed a persons very soul.


Micheal Skarsgard

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