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The whole, 'defence' vs 'defense' thing came up in another thread of mine, and it's because I am from the UK, and that's how we spell it in UK English. If it's a ship name I tend to spell it as it is 'in game' but if it's text I tend to spell it in UK English, though I should probably just stick with one version of our language, and I guess most of the English speakers who use the charts are from the US.
Even though the whole missing u / z instead of s / s instead of c / re vs er situation really grates my eyes, it would be better if the spelling was consistent to only one version of English, I can put up with ionize and defense, but what really annoys me is Sabre been spelt incorrectly, even the American aircraft was spelt the re way (and I'm guessing the ship was named after the aeroplane).
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