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08-23-2013, 06:32 AM
Originally Posted by theultimatex View Post
You guys are STILL leaving money on the table. I've stated this before that I am more than willing to pay for a $20 Dilithium pack that contains 200,000 refined dilithium to help us small fleet leaders just 'complete' a project when our in-game but not RL money funds are low.

Why don't you want my money Cryptic?

Btw, I actually was able to do something similar in the past when purchasing $20+ worth of zen, and get 200K+ refinded dilithium back from players on the market. But those days are long gone it seems.
Because that would basically eliminate the dilithium market as currently implemented by Cryptic the past year and a half.

Under your system, Cryptic would get the zen, not players. And since Cryptic would be offering a 1:100 zen/dil ratio, it would be fixed and then players could not trade their excess zen for dilithium. So in essence, while Cryptic wants your money, Cryptic wants you to sell the money to other players.

Some people like the arbitrage element of the current market. I know I've benefited from it (back when the ratio was 1:87).