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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Like any of the other optional holding projects, if it doesn't interest you, you don't have to slot it. These cosmetic options exist for fleets who wish to enhance the look of their holdings.


Brandon =/\=
I really am not fond of projects like these and I PRAY no one in my fleet sets this project up.

Projects like these do NOTHING to enhance my personal game play or experience. Normally, I would not spend either the time, or money on something like this. While I really appreciate Starbase, Embassy, and dilithium bling, for art's sake, I simply don't spend enough time in any of these places to put in the effort required to make them so flashy.

BUT, as it is a "fleet holding", the possibility exists that someone in my fleet may disagree and slot this anyway. So I end up not contributing to this project leaving my fleetmates to burden this all by themselves?

This is not a good way to encourage team play, or to get players to work together.

It's a great way to shake the money tree, I realize this as well as the need for revenue sources for the game to survive.


There ARE so many more personal game enhancing projects that require my time, effort and earned dilithium for, (fleet starbase progression, fleet stores, rep system ect.), so projects like this dilithium mine project actualy conflict with things that DO enhance my game experience.

Just my personal opinion, if anyone is interested at all.

@ linyive,
I completely agree with your post.
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