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Originally Posted by tostrekkie7 View Post
I agree with most of your comments Havelock...
Thanks, and it sounds like we're on a very similar page...

Originally Posted by chris919uk View Post
I agree with everything the OP wrote...
Again, thanks for another vote of confidence.

Heh... Ok, so I don't disagree with most your comments, but they do go a bit off topic. It's true the game can use all kinds of more content, and certainly there's enough Star Trek Lore to draw upon. Cryptic is/has been adding more content pretty regularly this last year, certainly way more than they did in 2011, for example (thinks of that Great Content Drought >shudder<). I actually expect them to continue to do so. Maybe some day all those cool-sounding adventures you talk about will make it in-game.

As I mention in the OP though, being able to advance Rep (and Fleet, for that matter) via ALL existing content, including/especially existing Story Missions would be an awesome step in the right direction.

Originally Posted by milanvorius View Post
I feel that there should be some account based accolades and the rep system is definitely a prime candidate.

Also to avoid the alt grind which kills alt toon play and most importantly it reduces sales that STO would get from new faction/servant race releases. I have not, nor will i get Romulan ships because the rep system prevents me from being competitive on the Romulan toon...
I wonder myself how many sales they loose because of the grind. Sales of additional races, costumes, character slots, and (most importantly) ships...

Personally, I had too many characters (~23) that I recently pruned back to 14... What was "too many" about it was that I didn't want to have to grind that much. I kept the ones that were already well along on the grind. There's high probability that I would have eventually purchased ships for each of those toons. Of my 14 now, I only need 2-3 more ships (if I don't decide to take something I already have). Add to that I'll likely create 1-2 more Rom toons, but that'll be it (at least until there's another faction). Meaning fewer sales, at least from me.


I haven't seen the numbers, but I would bet the Bean Counters have factored that in, and figure they get more sales from the hamster wheel grind of the Rep than without it...

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