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08-23-2013, 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
You already said everything that needed to be said, no Klingon Warp Core was ever shown ... also items are items, they have one icon unless you suggestion is duplicate every single warp core so KDF can have unique items and you know what would mean? items that would drop that you could not use or if they put no restriction we would have the double amount of warp cores just because you need some fancy icon.
That's assuming they can't make the icon change for the same item depending on the faction viewing it. I don't know, maybe that is impossible, or harder to do than making one icon graphic for all items. If so, fair enough. I didn't say that I 'needed' this, it was more of an idle thought as I was playing the game.

And partly, the larger issue was that none of the new icons 'needed' to be changed either, yet they did.

Originally Posted by dknight0001 View Post
Of all the things I'd like to see for KDF, Warp Core Icons never even entered my mind.

Seriously a new ship, a beloved ship given a fleet upgrade (Garumba, Kar'fi) or maybe some new content. But an Icon?

Hell I'd settle for some tweaks to our T5 ships to be a bit fairer in this era of Romulan Battle Cloaking Fleet Ha'Feh. Seriously compare this to a Fleet Qin Raptor. More Hull, More Shield, More turn, More Tac consoles and Battle Cloak.
Yeah look, maybe I worded my opening post wrong. I'm not seriously advocating Cryptic allocate resources to producing a separate KDF-only UI graphic overlay on the warp cores just for the sake of making them look different. All I'm saying is that it simply occurred to me that all the warp core icons are Starfleet-specific. Except for the overcharged core, that one doesn't seem to belong to any ship I'm aware of. The hyperinjection one is from the Defiant, the field stabilising one is from the Sovereign, and the standard no-frills warp core is from the Galaxy.

Given that they extensively replaced a LOT of item icons in the recent patch, this discrepancy simply struck me as a bit odd. If it turns out that they can't easily change the icon graphics to be faction specific, hey, whatever, it's no big deal. I'm not gonna stop playing the game or go on a 'Wah wah Cryptic sucks' whinge.