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08-23-2013, 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by theultimatex View Post
I like how happy she looks, and that she realizes she is currently relevant to Star Trek's (and STO's) success more so than many of the past ST:TNG cast members these days.
I agree completely. I loved both Tasha and Sela, I loved having Denise do voice acting for the game, and it's great to see her happy.

Plus if we're lucky it'll make others from the various Star Trek casts reach out to Cryptic and want to do something.

I'd love to have Levar Burton or Rene Auberjonois or Jeffrey Alan Combs do some voice work. Even if not for their specific characters but all three have great voices.

I know dstahl once said his top wish was for Michael Dorn to do a voice over. I'd be great to have him too given we have a lot of Worf scenes and the KDF need love.

Hopefully things like this event will make it easier (and less expensive) for some of this to happen.

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