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# 19 Our Own 'Year' of Hell
08-23-2013, 01:36 PM
I know this is an MMO game, but I don't think the developers should be afraid of a storyline (series of missions) in which each individual Captain plays as if he/she were the only Federation/Klingon/Romulan vessel in the Delta Quadrant.

Perhaps we are on a diplomatic mission transporting one of the original Voyager crew when 'evil' Kes shows us and flings us into the Delta Quadrant as some kind of sadistic revenge.

Whilst there, we have to face a series of missions that entail similar storylines as the VOY crew faced -- making allies and enemies, facing the Borg, gathering resources, following leads for finding ways home...

It would be really cool to see damage from battles leave permanent visual marks on our ship's skin and perhaps even for long-term damage to various ship's systems to be inflicted on our vessel (unless we can find the resources/allies needed to affect repairs).

Maybe we can pick up several passengers along the journey who act as local advisors in much the same way that Neelix did. They can appear in pop up windows to offer information about systems and species.

Pipe dreaming now: - would love to have to deal with systems repairs and red alert emergencies from the ship's interior maps. Red alert lights flashing, go to engineering and fix something before an automated core dump, etc.