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08-23-2013, 01:43 PM
so after reading all that it pretty obvious that if every one had voted for ds9 then a cardassian faction would have finally been highly likely

for this poll I went with the krenim. despite my dislike for time travel and alternate universe stuff. that episode was one of the better ones voyager had. after everything that happened right at the end. you see him working on calculations! which leaves you left wondering about it.

also on the I wonder what happened to ??!? from a episode I recall janeway and paris get it on as some kind of creatures on planet and well have babies lol I always wonder what happen to them lol

not sure anything from voyager is worthy of the word 'expansion'. if playable faction helps define expansion then tng+ds9 has cardassians.

hirogen are cool from voyager but you couldn't bolt them in to the federation it wouldn't be ethical. klingons would be far too good as prey for them to be buddies. maybe the romulan fRaction. but it's a pretty weak connection now you've tried to destroy the ISE.

playable borg faction. possibly the worst idea ever in sto history. flying a cube? or sphere. if you want you make 1 of start trek greatest nemesis look pathetic. go right ahead and do it.