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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
This one is really cool! The crystals "float" up/ side-ways through the light beams, almost like piping. They are in various places around the mine's interior.

In due time, as we get closer to Season 8's release, which is scheduled to occur before the end of the year


Brandon =/\=

The whole while you can stand there and watch while saying "Hey I donated that piece. And that one, And that one, And that one, And that one. 200,000 times.

Imagine the fun!

Originally Posted by leadme2kirk View Post
Cryptic said ppl were refining less than 8k and missions were rewarding more dil than intended. O.0 Yeah, makes perfect sense then to reduce dil in said missions AND create even more sinks.

Then they're full of it.

Personally I refine my full 8k daily and my Ore reserve is STILL climbing. I broke 310k last night.

Everyone I've spoken to in game says the same, heck one player claims to have 900k unrefined ore.

Counting the glut of casual players as the norm for refining/earning dilithium is foolish.

Just raise the ****ing cap already.

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