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08-24-2013, 07:36 AM
Hello xtern1ty,

Please accept my apologies for bothering you...but Im still having the same problems and I have already reported the issue to GM support and I believe they have not fixed the problem. I am considering leaving this mission but If I skip it I will not be able to get any mission assignemts unless I complete it and I would like to move on..its a great mission but sigh its getting to the point Im a bit frustrated..any suggestions. is there somone I can contact directly or a group of folks who are tech savvy then I am?

Many thanks and I do appreciate your patience I hope you dont think Im being obsessive here but I love this game and I want to continue...also, are you a paid subscriber? if so what is your opinion of it is it worth it or not, Im using the free game rather than the subscribtion so would appreciate your advice.