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# 1 Suggestion: Universal Slot
08-24-2013, 11:03 AM
I have a new idea not sure it is a good one. My idea is the universal slot. We can like purchase some kinda unlock from the z store. Limit one unlock per ship. Once you have the unlock on the ship. You can like stick devices, weapons, or consoles into the slot. If you ever get rid of the ship you forfeit the unlock on that ship so not going to be there if you reclaim it.

If you need i more weapon slot, need one more console slot, need one more device slot. Then we can do it with the universal slot. I am sure that can be limitations of what it can do. But some time there are not enough slots in the sto universe to mod out the ship how they you want it. One universal slot might not be a bad idea.

Like 110 zens or something, limit 1 per ship, you can sell it on the exchange maybe.