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Originally Posted by kel1rest View Post
Hi, can you tell me if this number includes the Romulan accolades "Family Comes First" (10 pts), "There Are Four Lights" (10), "There Are Five Lights" (10) and "It's A Fake" (25)? Thanks in advance.

Also, I saw on the wiki that there is a "Tholian Incursion Defender" accolade. Can anyone confirm this? I do the Starbase Incursion a fair bit and have never seen a Tholian one.
It includes all the accolades you listed with the exception of "It's a Fake". That accolade is only rewarded when you turn in the mission "Tradecraft" and I haven't figured out a way yet to pick it up physically on a Federation character. Teaming with a Romulan isn't enough.

As for the Tholians I've never encountered them either in Starbase Incursion and I have run quite a few of those too with a tier 5 starbase during our fleet marks farming runs.

If you're 25 points short you may be missing "Detective" that Cryptic added to the mission "Standoff" last year.