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Originally Posted by leadme2kirk View Post
Cryptic said ppl were refining less than 8k and missions were rewarding more dil than intended. O.0 Yeah, makes perfect sense then to reduce dil in said missions AND create even more sinks.


Upon the release of the reputation system, Cryptic reduced and reorganized the reward system. Players quickly got upset, and they protested in the forums. Cryptic reorganized the dilithium rewards for a second time, for they tried to recover from a public relations nightmare.

Since the introduction of the last rewards system, Cryptic has: (1) increased the diithium cost to upgrade duty officers, (2) added the Tholian holdings, (3) added a new faction, (4) added warp/singularity cores, and (5) added the dilithium mine. It all adds to the dilithium grind. Even though the dilithium mine gives 'fleets' a reduction in dilithium requirement costs, the holdings does not do anything for 'each player's reputation systems'. Casual-single players are also having a problem, for they will never receive a discount on the cost to buy reputation items. Tholian and Romulan space gear costs twice the dilithium than that of fleet gear.

As the next season comes into play, Cryptic will be adding a fourth reputation system holdings. If Cryptic has not adjusted the reward system, after applying "Legacy of Romulus" and the Tholian holdings, they will have ultimately and quietly got what they originally wanted.

Low rewards for the amount of time and effort that goes into grinding.

Cryptic won at the end.

If you follow Cryptic's upgrades closely, the dilithium costs to buy items has doubled or tripled. As a result of adding more high priced dilithium requirements and items, Cryptic has thinned out the impact of the game's reward system. Players are not getting adequately rewarded for the time, effort, and (within some cases) money, which they invest into "Star Trek: Online". Everyone has become a grinding/spending drone.

"Star Trek: Online" has become a slot machine, which seeks to keep everyone on a low rewarding treadmill.

Cryptic needs to fix the reward system, so they can compensate for the new additions.

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