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08-24-2013, 07:48 PM
I acknowledge your desire to be selective. I think the suggestion offered gives you that ability.

Also, bartenders, chefs, and such can not be donated to fleet starbase progression projects. Only tac, sci, or engineering categories are available. The mine and embassy would take civilians, which might simplify your attention to those projects only.

I might suggest purchasing a green version of the necessary white doffs since they would not be donatable. They are economical and would provide improved doff results (such as not dying on failure, and failing less) than your white crew.

These options help your circumstances, unless you feel it's better for every fleet to click 180 times per progression project, every day (whether it's one person's clicks or distributed amongst a fleet), rather than those players that are saving a white doff to unclick those one, two or other low number much less than 180? That's a difference of 180 clicks to a few unclicks or pursuing other options to take these white officers out of rotation.

I also agree that a lower need for white duty officers would be enormously welcome, but that is not the subject of this thread.

Thank you for your comments.

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