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08-24-2013, 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by hfmudd View Post
So that you can keep buying artifacts cheap (sometimes, as in this post, below market rate, when you can find someone who doesn't know what they're really worth) and crafting/flipping them for X00% profit? Yes, I'm sure you do.
If only it were as easy as you would make it seem. I guessing you have never run a business of your own successfully. First to have a fab toon you need to lvl it to 50 which is not easy and takes time. Then as of a month ago I think it needs over 35 mill in doffs in Infrastructure. Then you need to spend time getting the particles, artifacts, posting your gear, and fabricating . All in a market that has dropped over the last 6 months due to fleet gear imbalance over the random loot table.

Not as easy and you would make it sound.

Currently there are 4 sets of 99 count artifacts on the market at 600 k each that have been sitting there for over 48 hours because no ones intrusted in investing.
My offer is more then fair in my opinion.

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