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Ya well that aint going to happen with Dan Stahl and his rigged Voyager Delta Quadrant Poll, were going to ignore the more obvious choice of using the stable wormhole and the G quadrant that was barely explored in the series, with the high want of cardassians jem -hadar and vorta playable races and were going to focus on something sublime and quite frankly a bad trek
Wow, where do I even begin with this?

So you think they rigged the poll? Do you have any evidence of this? I myself voted for Voyager. Its not my favourite series but its the show that has been least represented in the game so far so I would like to see aspects of it added. I suspect others do too. So why does that mean its rigged?

The game is mainly about showing what was seen on screen. The Dominion have already been seen in this game quite a bit. while there is plenty left you can do with the Gamma quadrant, there is much much more you can do with the Delta quadrant.

And this really does not have anything to do with what I was talking about. This is about the next game content. How can you conclude there will not be a cardassian faction just because its not up next? At some stage we will almost certainly see it.

As for it being bad trek, that is your opinion but it is only your opinion.

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