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I would be happy if they eliminated the marks and made those XP that is applied to the rep as you level and not have any projects for leveling rep. Have the amount of rep that can be gained daily limited to what we can do now so there is still a time gate, but overflow goes to the next days rep automaticaly. Once a tier is reached have the player do a special mission that unlocks the next level. Romulan rep already has the special missions that can be used. No clicky clicky boring projects that get annoying by t2 and makes you want to puke when you are 4k rep from t5.

For buying rep gear you slot the project as normal and it diverts rep XP to that project and a small amount to rep on completion.

Once T5 is achieved rep can still be earned and turned in for gear or dilithium as we do now and accumulates like marks do. BUT you can also transfer that extra rep XP to a lvl 50 alt to assist that one with rep. Transfering extra rep XP from 1 character to another would not hurt the time gate for leveling Cryptic wants because it still requires the same amount of time just not the time spent on each character.

As for making the story missions apply rep XP as suggested by the OP, also make the species you kill apply as well so if you kill a tholian on New Romulas you get a small amount of Nukara rep for killing a tholian. Kill a Tal Shiar in a foundry mission you get Romulan rep. maybe 10 kills of the lowest ranking ones makes 1 mark equivelant and 1 boss level equals 1 mark. Not a whole lot at once but over time and playing it will add up to something. Small enough amount that doing foundry farm for the XP would be a waste of time because doing a quick repeat story mission or queueing up would give far more.
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