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08-26-2013, 02:27 AM
Originally Posted by iconians View Post
Wow, only 3 posts before the inevitable mighty klingon warrior temper tantrum over Cryptic doing or not doing something. You guys are getting better and better at taking potentially productive threads down into the gutter of whining with something completely unrelated to the topic.

Maybe the reason noone visits the KDF forums is because for three years you guys have cried yourselves hoarse over everything and nothing and noone takes you guys seriously anymore.

The KDF faction players are like the girlfriend you put up with because you're afraid of being alone, but the sad fact of the matter is all she does is whine and complain and you just have to tune it out to keep the peace.
Wow, only 9 posts before the inevitable "Klingons whine" post.

Maybe the reason there are so few posts in the KDF forums are the people who constantly come in and shout "whiner" no matter who says what.