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08-26-2013, 04:09 AM
First of all, like doffingcomrade said - there are more posts and replies in the KDF section of the forum than on the Fed. one.

The forum might have gotten a bit slower lately, but there are simple and logical reasons for this:

- The player bootyboots created the "Master list of KDF issues", so all Klingon players share their bugs and issues there, in one place, making a clearly visible compilation of all the troubles that KDF is facing to players and devs alike. From experience I know that KDF players are more organized, so we accepted that thread as a way to express our concerns rather than spamming the forum with hundreds of other threads.

- The KDF is a complete faction now. Yes, it still has it's shortcommings, but the general idea is that it's now a full leveling and PvE experience, without being locked behind the Federation for 25 levels. Many players are content with this improvement and don't come to complain about stuff because the biggest issue was resolved. To me it feels that the new Klingon I made after LoR is my first complete KDF char. due to this and I've been enjoying the game on the red side.

- The KDF players are generally more organized and the majority is very knowledgeable about the gameplay and mechanics. I have seen players starting threads asking for advice or insight that were resolved by the first KDF player who gave a detailed and thorough explanation and help, so there was no need for anyone else to post in and continue the discussion in said thread.

- I have seen that the most KDF players that post here are realists. In his latest KDF related interview for "The Gates of Sto'vo'kor" dStahl was very direct and almost brutally honest about what is planned for the KDF in the near future. One C-Store ship later this year and the next time we get ships is Season 10. There will be fleet ships in between, but which and when is up to Geko.
KDF players knowing that this has been made clear in a very honest manner won't start 100 threads about "The K'Vort" or the "New Negh'var" like there are thoulsands of threads about Tier 5 Connie, 1000 about U.S.S. Vengeance and so on...We'll just wait for what was promised.

- Sometimes more is not better. When a new or inexperienced player gets his answer and proper advice within 3 to 5 posts, I consider that better than the thread that simply asked for ex. "What is the best KDF escort?" to evolve into a global useless debate about anything or everything.

Originally Posted by iconians View Post
Wow, only 3 posts before the inevitable mighty klingon warrior temper tantrum over Cryptic doing or not doing something. You guys are getting better and better at taking potentially productive threads down into the gutter of whining with something completely unrelated to the topic.

Maybe the reason noone visits the KDF forums is because for three years you guys have cried yourselves hoarse over everything and nothing and noone takes you guys seriously anymore.

The KDF faction players are like the girlfriend you put up with because you're afraid of being alone, but the sad fact of the matter is all she does is whine and complain and you just have to tune it out to keep the peace.
Wow, you're actually getting better at trolling! Not quite there yet, though. Remember, practice makes perfect.
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