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08-26-2013, 05:23 AM
Wow.... just wow... so... it is heard KDF will get a new Ship before or AT Season 8.... and wont get a new one until Season 10... while the Federatoin will get a few again...

I'm trying my best not to whine, but why does Cryptic HAVE to sell KDF ships in years and FED ships in months... its just sad... there just isn't much to work with on the Empire, Ships are good... more so consoles... but variety to decide? None.

Again, Cryptic must find a deem-able Reason or they wont do it. Here is what I think a Good reason is...

KDF is Now Lvl 1-50

Interest is Higher, But Can Be Even Higher With More Attention

Already, Romulans are Catching Up To All Klingon Content, Almost Surpassing It, When The Initial Promise Was KDF Will Be Finished Before A New Faction, And With Mission Strength, And Z-Store, Etc. Much Higher Quality.

*Side Bar on the Surpassing

VO Is Still Not In KDF MIssions, As Promised
R'tolves Will Spread Thier Peace and Will Prevail Over the Hostiles Who Dare Hurt Such A Isolationist Consitutional Monarchy!