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08-26-2013, 06:07 AM
Here's how I would change it:

1) Increase the percentage to proc to (10% to 25%) - Remember, [AMP] is always on.

2) Allow chance to proc from all incoming damage sources, energy & torps/mines, etc., since technically it's all form of energy.

3) On proc, the owner receives a (stack-able) +100 weapon drain resistance effect.


1) Weapon drain is more a problem for heavy beam users, typically cruisers. Cannons are already efficient and would see little to no benefit. IMO +weapon drain resistance is more useful for actual "efficiency" than random +weapon power spikes.

2) Increasing weapon drain resistance while being attacked enhances a beam array focused cruiser tanking playstyle - which is a playstyle severely underrepresented in the current game outside of niche DEM+A2B builds (who actually perform well, due to weapon drain resistance but tend to avoid tanking as they usually lack stronger hull heals and shield heals outside of RSP).

3) Rewards threat control and aggro management, which is currently something almost everyone outside of PvPers tries to avoid (skill wise).

This would proc more often and be more useful, would increase overall damage output through efficiency rather than a direct boost (like [AMP] does) and would not require a specific subsystem power setting - only that you welcome being shot at.

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