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08-26-2013, 10:15 AM
So... KDF no new ships people are saying?


*100 Fed Ships Later

Klingon High Council: We are in desperate needs of supplies, please, give us some so we can continue our arsenal of ships...

Q (Cryptic): *interruption* I am sorry, but you already got A Full, 75% Complete Faction, Who Would You Need A Ship? You got the Bortasqu' in 2409...

Klingon High Council: ITS 2490 NOW!!!!

Q: Oh... I see. *checks his mind* I am sorry, the Federation does not want you to have new ships. They are willing to pay me, at least, pay me entertainment to see the Federation dominate your warrior Faction. Tell the Gorn to leave, maybe that will free up your supplies, they sure as heck will be happy to leave and get their land back. Saves you the resources. That will be all. GOD HAS SPOKEN! *ends hail*

Klingon High Council: THE KINGDOM IS LOST!

*you see 1/100 of the Beta Quadrant Burst In Flames*


Wow... no idea where this comment came from... but anyways... don't get Melodramatic about my post. Just continue on, maybe reply.
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