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08-26-2013, 12:43 PM
Basically, I try and reach max reputation for all options on my main character, a level 50 FED. On my other characters, my KDF and ROM, I have not even touched any of them. I plan to do the same for the new event system they came out with, assuming those events will become more frequent (maybe one for each season, like LOTRO does). I try to max out my main character, because that is the one I use most, and leave the other two factions as a fun thing to play once in a while.

I have completed tier 5 Omega reputation on my main captain, tier 3 Romulan, and tier 1 for Nukara. I intend to max out both Romulan and Nukara (Romulan for the torpedo and beam array, Nukara for the dual beam and web mines), but only on my main character.

Although I know it will most likely never happen, I wish the reputation system was a constant between all of your characters, so it would give people more incentive for each one, and so it would draw significantly less resources from each one of your characters. I, for one, do not have a ton of time to grind Romulan or Nukara missions or fleet actions for the relatively small amount of marks you get per run (compared to the STF Omega marks), so I would love having the same reputation status on each of my captains, and then worry about grinding out the top level gear for each of them in turn.