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08-26-2013, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
This one is really cool! The crystals "float" up/ side-ways through the light beams, almost like piping. They are in various places around the mine's interior.

In due time, as we get closer to Season 8's release, which is scheduled to occur before the end of the year


Brandon =/\=
Cool or not, these "Special Projects" are out-of-reach of the smaller fleets, and thus are ridiculous. It's hard enough for them to get their starbase up and running. None of the "Cool Stuff" is realistically available because the dilithium costs are ludicrous. 200k per feature? No fun at all, Branflakes. Try convincing STO to realistically price those features for the gamer, then maybe we'll be more excited.