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08-26-2013, 02:33 PM
We could go back to the original way of how STO handled weapons potency and power.

When STO came out, DHCs were back then, still kings in spike damage. Even back then though, not everyone bought completely into DHCs. The reason was simple.

Weapons Power drain. Making an attack with DHCs and stuff on CRF quickly brought your weapons power down within a few seconds. During that window, your damage was great, but your weapon power would not hold up. Escorts and BOPs were good for making strong attack runs using these high powered, narrow arc weapons. The power recovery was slow, and EPS skill was crucial.

Somewhere along the way after I left STO in the first 3-4 months, weapon drain was altered. Back in early STO, weapon drain did not recover to the near instantaneous recovery that it has now. Back then, if you fired off a salvo of DHCs on CRF, within 2-3 seconds of heavy fire, your weapons power was GONE.

Escorts, Birds of Prey did not spray CRF in the 99% timespan they do now. Escorts and damage dealers, if they elected to do the maximum, highest potential, could only do it in short bursts.

Dual Cannons did not fare better, because again, all their fire, just like DHCs, were towards the same narrow arc, and they fired faster with even more drains.

Beam Array weapon drain back then was still an issue for beamboats. For you to do 6 back then was stressing the limits of available weapon power for your broadsides.

Players back then, if they wanted better weapons power recovery, needed insanely high EPS Skills. Max out the skillbox, stuff in EPS Manifold Consoles (yes, people, THOSE consoles in early STO were crucial for good, steady, damage output). Players had to sacrifice console space for good weapon power recovery, and that IMO, would be a great balancing act for today.

Now, **IF** we go back this route, this will considerably bring down overall damage. Escorts will still do serious Spike Damage, but they need to do this in attack runs.

In addition, the game's overabundance of defenses, namely in the passive department, need to be seriously toned down.

STO's combat in its early days, believe it or not, was far more balanced and widely diverse than it is today.

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