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Originally Posted by cgta1967 View Post
has nothing to do with balance..... beams are beams...and cannons are cannons.
Eh, not really, as far as most people care they are the same thing and are chosen solely based on potential DPS. Hence my proposal to make them truly different, so that people choose them for reasons other than just potential DPS.

Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
In addition, the game's overabundance of defenses, namely in the passive department, need to be seriously toned down.
This is why I suggested giving cannons more hull damage. If they get close enough they should be able to kill you through shields. I think this is the biggest challenge though, it makes certain types of energy weapons less powerful and other types more powerful, which is a problem. Also, decloaking surprise buttsex. Still, I would like to see assault craft be able to kill target through shields.

I'd be fine with going back to the old days too

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