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Originally Posted by this1isavailable View Post
You can negate beams drain at very high weapon power while cannons are stick to the 125 cap. Plus beams damage decrease less with range.

Weapons are fairly balanced right now.
The weapons aren't the issue.

The issue is power.

When STO came out, DHCs firing in CRF drained your weapons power within less than a handful of seconds, but the damage potential then is the same as now. People were stressing about EPS skill, and even Escorts were trying to stuff EPS Manifold Consoles into their (once) meager ENG Console Slots to try to speed up weapon power recovery, because it was slow.

Today, nobody really cares about weapons drain. Power recovery is so much faster today than it was at STO's release, that it's almost instantaneous. That is one of the single biggest factors as to why everybody says DHCs are overpowered. That is why DHCs are firing away in near 100% gametime. That is why Escorts rule this game now.

Power recovery was the single biggest roadblock from Escorts, or any high damage build, from totally dominating the game. But that was long ago.

Reintroduce the old power drain mechanic, and I assure you, more weapons will be viable. Far better that then "DHCs over anything" (or for those paying attention, Dual Beam Banks + Beam Overload over anything").

Back then, if players wanted higher, steadier damage output, they had to sacrifice alot of console space to get better power recovery.

Originally Posted by lystent View Post
Escorts don't use many beams because they are allowed to use dual cannons. dual cannons trade firing angle for damage. Coupled with the high turn rates of escorts, they have the highest DPS potential. Imbalance? No. Escorts are commonly referred to as "glass cannons" because they the most fragile ships of the range. In essence, the trade off HP for DPS.

If you stunt the one asset escorts have, escorts would become much weaker than the other two ship classes.
Escorts (and certain Cruiser hybrids now) are not your typical "Glass Cannons" in STO. "Glass Cannons" in other titles imply great damage potential but also suffer from being fragile. This is not the case in STO.

Escorts are now very close to Cruiser hull points.

Escorts can approach 0.9 or 0.99 shield mods, while Cruisers sit at 1.0.

Escorts get defense bonus from simply moving. Even more the faster they go.

Escorts and certain Cruisers (with LtCdr TAC BOFF stations) can access Attack Pattern Omega. APO is the single biggest buffing / immunity in this game. It makes you move faster, grants immunity to tractor beams... there's so much that APO does, it's ridiculous. Just read it here.

So please, tell me how Escorts are weak and fragile. Only player incompetence will get you killed in an Escort.

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