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Escorts (and certain Cruiser hybrids now) are not your typical "Glass Cannons" in STO. "Glass Cannons" in other titles imply great damage potential but also suffer from being fragile. This is not the case in STO.

Escorts are now very close to Cruiser hull points.

Escorts can approach 0.9 or 0.99 shield mods, while Cruisers sit at 1.0.

Escorts get defense bonus from simply moving. Even more the faster they go.

Escorts and certain Cruisers (with LtCdr TAC BOFF stations) can access Attack Pattern Omega. APO is the single biggest buffing / immunity in this game. It makes you move faster, grants immunity to tractor beams... there's so much that APO does, it's ridiculous. Just read it here.

So please, tell me how Escorts are weak and fragile. Only player incompetence will get you killed in an Escort.
And that, boys and girls, is why this is escorts online.

For future reference:

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"...." = these are quotes
Those are double quotes.

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'....' = these are just apostrophes that I used to mark a word I believed relevant
Those are single quotes.

I trust you'll now be able to do your own research into their differences.

And now back to our regularly scheduled bickering.

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