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08-26-2013, 07:01 PM
First of all, the parity of the idfference between escorts, science ship and cruisers, should be weapons. its not like they doubled the hull material. the differences in the ships is actually kind of ridiculous.

now that being said, the power system in this game is wonkly too, for example i deiced to test a theory in my corvette, my intrepid and my galaxy-r.

Full weapons power in each. 4 DHC's and 3 turrets out DPS'ed the other two, with the cruiser coming in next with 6 beams and 2 torpedoes, last place was science with 6 beams.

when you get into firing arc's i will list by lowest BASE dps up.

turrets 132 base 360 degree firing arc - 99 dpv (-8 power)
beams 176 base 250 degree firing arc - 220 dpv (-10 power)
single cannon 212 base 180 degree firing arc - 159 dpv (-10 power)
dual beam bank 229 base 90 degree firing arc - 287 dpv (-10 power)
dual cannon 256 base 45 degree arc - 192 dpv (-10 power)
dual heavy cannon 256 base 45 degree arc - 384 dpv (-12 power)

so the weapons are pretty close in the dps ranges, the primary difference ends up being the power levels and settings.

pushing power to the max i can get abot 1300 BEFORE draining on my DHC's, but only about 950 on my beams.

now yes the drain on DHC's is a little steeper at -12 with beams pulling -10
Don't forget first weapon doesn't pull power.
so add it up, 8 beams at -10 is -70(6 for sci -50)
4 DHC's at -12 is -36 plus the turrets at -8 is -24 total -60

now what if as beams are in fact a tad weaker they where dropped to -8 power you would end up with (8 beams at -8 is -56 power, 6 beams at - 8 would be -40 power)

i think changing the power drain levels up a little bit would help even things out and balance a bit.

bear in mind cruisers do their best damage in broadsides, and escorts do theirs in a frontal attack, hence escorts going for hit and runs but escorts have the turn rate to accomplish that.

so think about all that in you epeen contests about who gets what when, a simple change in the power level could in fact bring beams into the fold of being closer to on par with DHC's.(still behind but a little closer{and science ships would REALLY benefit}to their extra muscled counterparts)

also bear in mind i fly everything, on every type of toon beacuse i want to be fairish and less bias. but i dont fly knlingon as i find the playstyle and ships unappealing.
Inertia just means you can do Powerslides in you carrier!
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