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08-27-2013, 07:18 AM
But I don't have problems connecting or authenticating, and I only get these issues in STFs (ground is worse than space) and crowded maps like the Academy Event.

Umm wait, I do have "server not responding" problems while ingame though. It usually only lasts a few seconds but it did kick me twice in a row the other day. I log in, patch and load my characters with no problems though so it's not as bad as what people in that thread are experiencing. It's also been over two weeks since the last post.

There's nothing in my tracert or nettest to indicate there's a problem either. In fact if I'm interpreting that nettest correctly (this is a test from me to Cryptic right?) I have a very fast connection all the way through, except for that Idle NIC. I don't know what that is. I mean I'm looking at at least 3k kb/sec on every port. Am I interpreting that wrong? Where is the problem?

What I will do is wait until peak hours, maybe 8 or 9 PM EDT, and run these tests again. I expect a significant difference in results.

(I do wish I could change my time zone on this forum, it's four hours behind me. I see no option to.)

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