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The R.E.G.

================================================== =====

Since their first formal encounter with Federation in 2365, the Borg has become the single greatest threat to all civilized races in the Alpha and Beta quadrant. Their arrival in sector 001, and the subsequent destruction of a Starfleet flotilla at Wolf 359, has sent the Federation into frenzy of developments, all targeted at dealing with this menace.

Miraculously they have endured, but not without the courage and sacrifices of men and women from across the quadrants.

In 2409, in a latest attempt to counter the Borg, Starfleet Command and the Klingon High Council formed Task Force Omega: elite fighting force made up of the very best that these two organizations could muster. Later that same year the Imperial Romulan Fleet formed a specific group within that august organization, one that does not officially exist and can take the fight directly to the Borg...That group is named the

"Romulan Elite Guard".

================================================== =====