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08-27-2013, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by uryenserellont View Post
There's nothing in my tracert or nettest to indicate there's a problem either. In fact if I'm interpreting that nettest correctly (this is a test from me to Cryptic right?) I have a very fast connection all the way through, except for that Idle NIC. I don't know what that is. I mean I'm looking at at least 3k kb/sec on every port. Am I interpreting that wrong? Where is the problem?
Did you do the 'Net Test' at the time you were having the issue??? Due to fixed and limited amount of bandwidth that Verizon has implemented on its gateway to Cogent Communication, the issues will only show up when the gateway starts to approach maximum capacity. (In other words, during peak network 'prime time') Under non-peak conditions, the connection would look absolutely normal.... I suspect your issue is being caused by packet drop, caused by network congestion from the limited bandwidth of the gateway. The STO Client can tolerate a limited amount of packet drop on its connection (as some packet drop on a connection is a normal behavior for the Internet) but a large amount of packet drop will cause lag (due to multiple requests to resend missed data on a connection) and dropped connections.

The fact that not everyone is suffering from Lag, (I have none on my Comcast connection from the Silicon Valley...) shows that its not a STO Server capacity issue...

(And the Idle NIC is suppose to Zero. Its purpose is to indicate if a third party app, utility, or malicious trojan is stealing your network bandwidth in the background...)

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