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08-27-2013, 12:19 PM
MNG: Everyone has a ?wall of crazy?! What dreams do you have for things like general gameplay, the Foundry, the Gateway system, etc. I understand that this question will not be an outlook on what is to come but what you want to do with this game?

DS: The game needs to focus on the systems and the designs that are already in game and completely flesh them out. Duty Officers, Crafting, Ship and Costume Customization, Exploration, Fleets, Reputation, The Foundry, PvP, Trade, and Bridge Officers are all systems that could use a major amount of effort to make them awesome. Those features are all in game and need a level of support to feel like they haven?t been abandoned.

So as we move into the next year, we are making a commitment to not forget about the features already in the game and to start tackling revamps of these core gameplay elements that could make the game much better if they just had a little more effort put into them.

While that isn?t necessarily the ?wall of crazy? you may have been looking for, it is what the game needs to do in order to improve. STO is a great game and gets better every year. It could be even better if we gave all of these systems the time they deserve to be great.
Now that's what I like to hear! We have quite a bit of things in game that could use some attention. New stuff is always cool, but giving attention to the older stuff to bring it up to speed is cool too.
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