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08-27-2013, 01:40 PM
Originally Posted by toiva View Post
As a typical me, I'd say giving attention to current 'stuff' by bugfixing is cool. Revamping current systems is much less so, at least if what happened to the STF system is any indication.

But yes, some areas could definitely benefit greatly from a revamp, if done right (crafting, exploration, ...).
Personally I'm hoping that a revamp for certain systems would come with bug fixes. Dan mentioned ship and costume customization in there for example, and I know that right now the tailor is a huge wreck. Lordhavelock has a great thread down in the art section about all the problems it has, and it's quite the long list of them. So my hope would be that any revamp done in that area would fix many (if not all) of those issues. But yeah, I'll never argue with bug fixes lol.

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