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08-27-2013, 03:40 PM
With Stahl's comments about the Foundry, I love the idea of collaborations. I honestly could see that implemented as part of a future exploration revamp, where two or more players could create a new race and adventures with that race.

And I apologize for offending the Cryptic team, but when it comes to the Foundry, you guys do hype it a lot and totally ignore problems that need addressed. Like the recent long-load times, that been present for three months. And there are the weeks and even months the Foundry is offline after an update.

So it would be great if you guys could help improve the STO Foundry team so they could address these problems right away. Else, it becomes illogical to promote a broken system.

Gateway: I love to see more functionality, but I for one still have problems accessing the Foundry. When I can get it to work with Internet Explorer, it always asks for that 1-time code, so why isn't it remembering it? And for some reason it doesn't work with Google Chrome. So it's annoying having to use multiple browsers just to access the Gateway.

Diplomacy: Easy, make a type of system with consequences. Like when you are in a storyline, you get a choice of action, do you do this or do you that? And at the same time building positive or negative reputation with that race. So in the end when the real decision is made, have you made a friend, they stay neutral, or you made a new enemy?

But nothing like the "Answer the Question" approach we had with First contact missions.