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08-28-2013, 05:57 AM
I did try ARC, but.............I just didn't trust it. It seemed to suspicious just sitting there in the background. A seriously worthless program.
Mainly when playing and NOT letting me shut it off while playing was a tip off. So I erased it.

I also just erased Pando a few minutes ago, after deciding to finely remove it after studying it, now I didn't restart my computer after I erased it, and my god. My computer has SPED UP!!

Even the game is looking better, brighter, better colours, no lag, graphics are clearer. Media booster my tail. It's dragging down memory and hard drive speed.

Even Firefox is back to normal. Every has returned to normal. No lag while surfing. No connection problems.

Mouse, keyboard are responding normally again, no sound problems, the hard drive isn't so active ( suspicious methinks on how it was always so active) and my internet connection has returned to normal. My computer has turned back from a evil ***** to a angel. I have my little girl back. =3

I'm no conspiracy freak, 30 years of computing so I know about spy programs and the such, but that's it. After seeing a before Pando and after, no more 3rd party add on's for me. If I need one to play, then I'm off.

Say what you want, I love this game, but I love my computer and my privacy more.