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08-28-2013, 10:24 AM

Hopefully the lockbox is successful. Personally, I'm not really that interested in the Elanchi ships. I think the design is okay, and abilities fair as well. However, I only have so many toons, and I'm not really interested in this ship enough to open several lockboxes, or spend millions of EC to acquire it. Items that appeal to me however, in this box would be:

1) leadership Space trait
2) Wing Command Space trait

Glad to see these new traits! What would be great in the future would be somehow to get an additional trait slot, whether in game, or a lockbox unlock.

Items I was disappointed in seeing in the lockbox, was all of the Mirror Universe ship repeats from previous lockboxes. Personally, I would like to see all new ships designs form our current time line, or mirror universe spinoffs from vessels not yet copied.

With so many repeats, this time around, it did not seem prudent to me, to spend Zen on keys to open the Elachi lock boxes, which seems more like last nights leftovers, then brand new and exciting. As for the lobi, Being a Romulan fan, I am only spending Zen and lobi on Romulan themed items. For ships I have the Tal Shiar Destroyer & Battle Cruiser. As well as the Romulan version Temporal science and destroyer vessels. However, although I have lobi to buy the temporal shuttle, I am not interested, as their is no Romulan skin for the craft.

For myself, being a Romulan fan, I am most interested in Romulan specific content, as in items only created and available for Romulan captains. Second, to this I enjoy items that are available to all factions (such as the temporal science vessel) that has a Romulan skin variant. However, I am not interested in items that Romulans can use, that are available only in the skin of the their "allied" faction.

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