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08-28-2013, 12:14 PM
I have asked this SEVERAL times to you both in game and in email and NOT ONCE have I seen a reply. I have even asked this to several other Developers and other GMs like yourself, not ONCE have I seen or heard a reply. So I am going to try here to see if there is a reply. When is the developers going to fix the UI's off the fighter pets? Ever since the update, my fighters on the fed side have become even more stupid then they were before the update. You guys say that the update was to keep them from being killed from an Anti-mater explosion from an enemy ship, but if anything, they all huddle around the ship when it is about to explode. And they will at random go off and do things I didnt tell them to do.

Also.... When are they going to ACTUALLY fix the invsi-torp issue. I have a high end graphics card and still die from them in STFs
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