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Originally Posted by davidwford View Post
Funny most of the PvP matches I join it is the KDF who wins, often by a landslide. Like most others here, I feel that the KDF is finally a full progression Faction. Sure there could be more things such as storyline missions, but between the Empire Defense, Ship/Player/Turret Killer missions, exploration, and some storyline missions the KDF is now actually better than the Federation faction was at launch. I will also agree that more experienced players are the ones who stick to the "Red" side of the house, even if they are green-blooded.

A large percentage of the Feds have the false impression that they should win without effort , gear or ability because they are the federation. Plus the pve builds them up to be the next captain badass. It is a rude awakening for many when they meet the business end of the KDFs disruptors.
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