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Unfortunately, it would seem that the Krenim have this in the bag.

And I say unfortunately because, frankly, they were simply not that interesting. All we really saw of them was ONE crew flying ONE special weapon-ship with the ability to manipulate time. And yes, I realise that we saw other Krenim ships; they were victims of the timeline changes too and were so nondescript that they were quickly forgotten.

Not to mention the fact that I'd wager that a lot of the votes for the Krenim were placed by people who think that they're going to get to fly a Krenim time-weapon ship*

* They might, it's not impossible and for all I know, it's a future lock-box candidate; but there is NO WAY IN HELL that it would be able to do what we saw the 'prototype' in "Year of Hell" do.
Not to mention the fact that the prototype and everything having to do with it was erased from the timeline by the reset button at the end of the episode. (You see why I keep saying I despise time travel or anything remotely similar to time travel? **** Berman.)
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