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08-28-2013, 03:36 PM
Originally Posted by hummybun View Post
I'm in Greensboro, NC and we have Time Warner Cable. I can't even be on this game for more than 10 minutes without it crashing my entire internet. Every other game works fine except STO and Neverwinter. I'm running windows 8 64-bit and hard lined to my netgear modem/router. My roommate can't play it either without disconnecting everyone and he is using the wireless connection. Please help me I'd love to enjoy this game, it's awesome other than the disconnecting issue.
If your network connection (e.g. modem/router) is going down, the issue isn't with STO (as there's nothing the STO Servers can do but send network data), the issue is with your router/modem...

The actual issue involved is the number of simultaneous network connections your network/modem supports. Low end modem/routers are known to have thrashing problems with fewer then 2 dozen simultaneous network connections, and STO is already documented with causing problems with low end routers, due to the number of simultaneous network connections it uses...

There are some things you could try, such as shutting down all other background networking apps (such as streaming music, bit-torrent, etc...) and disable the STO in-game voice chat functionality. If this doesn't help enough to correct the problem, then you're going to have to contact your ISP, and invest in a more capable router/modem...