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08-28-2013, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by starswordc View Post
Not to mention the fact that the prototype and everything having to do with it was erased from the timeline by the reset button at the end of the episode. (You see why I keep saying I despise time travel or anything remotely similar to time travel? **** Berman.)
your anger is severely misplaced. You should be angry at the people who vote for the Krenim and conveniently forget that they DON'T have that technology now, because of the reason you gave above. Its with the Alzeihmer-prone voters that you should be angry, not Berman.

And I, for example, have no problems with time travel. I suppose I'm one of the few people that have freed their minds of artificial illusions like 'past' and 'future'. I really don't understand why some people say they "get headaches". Free your minds people!