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08-28-2013, 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by zipagat View Post
A large percentage of the Feds have the false impression that they should win without effort , gear or ability because they are the federation. Plus the pve builds them up to be the next captain badass. It is a rude awakening for many when they meet the business end of the KDFs disruptors.
No kidding! The few times I queue Fed side, I expect that we will loose so I try to find something productive to do, such as staying with the biggest meat sheild and try to score at least one kill. In ground arena matches, I loot the medical crates for a few extra EC. Since I tend to be squishy in PvP, I let others distract and occupy the Fed players while I either snipe (in arenas), loot crates, kill turrets and NPCs, or Cap flags in Capture matches. The only time I really get upset is when the KDF team is a bunch of noobs who get so distracted by a fight that they ignore everything else going on in the match.