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After reading through all the pages on this thread, i see that not a lot of people like voyager. purely based on Janeway, but most of you turn to forget that, any captain would have done the same thing she did. if i recall correctly the caretaker did ask Janeway for help after he brought them to the delta quadrant. Anyway getting off topic here since this isn't about Voyager show but rather, which of these societies would we most like to encounter.

Firstly; Let me ask a question of my own. why would the Federation, KDF or even Romulan Republic want to go to the delta quadrant.

I can understand why the Fed would, but can not understand why the other two. i say this because as most have stated Neelix could asked the Fed.

Another possibility is the 37's. The 17th episode of season two for those of you who haven't watch voyager. The crew discovers the morse code S.O.S. Amelia Earhart, Fred Moonan and the rest who were dubbed the 37s by their descendants. who were abducted by the Briori ad later revolted and took control of the Briori technology. They were highly advance that when Janeway saw their cities she commented that it had a resemblance to Federation worlds.

Secondly; most of you seem to think that after all the positive and negatives that voyager had crossing through the quadrant, will still even exists.

Let start by looking at them one by one.

Kazon Sects
what is preventing the kazon sects from united and pulling all the resources they have and take more to advance themselves after what voyager did. after all once upon a time they just did that when Jal Sankur united the sects to overthrow the trabe. I can see them a achieving great things, which could intend get the borg to notice them.

Now the krenim after the destruction of the weapon ship, who is to say that the krenim even survived. they were after all at war with just about everyone of their neighbours even the Zahl.

Devore Imperium
This guys were to xenophobic and had especially harbor a deep mistrust of telepaths that it wouldn't even surprise me if all the telepath races decided to go to war with them. Or perhaps, they society could have gone on a reform which will welcome the very thing they hated the most.

The Malon
not a lot to say about them, only that they were an economically-motivated species. although technologically advanced, they lack the means to recycle antimatter waste which made the waste export industry much higher profit. who is to say that, the same thing can not happen to the recycle tech that Janeway gave. i can see recycle as another business venture for them to make profit just like the way a ferengi would conduct business.

The Hierarchy
we don't even know what their true name for their species are. since they are highly adept in the skills of espionage and remote surveillance and only attack for resources. i can see them getting bolder and bolder for them to even go beyond their territory. they could be come a threat for other species in the region.

The Vidiian
Since the Kurros claimed that his group had cured the phage; they are medical advanced even more than the federation. after all they were once peaceful, cultured race of scientist and explorers much like the federation before the phage struck. i can't see why they couldnt do so again. but than again, as many have stated they could have be a side-effect from the cure or the think-tank, could have an agenda of it own.

I know this is a long post but, to sum it up. i think cryptic you need to hold of the DQ till you guys can sort the storylines in Alpha quadrant, Beta and Gamma quadrant before heading to the Delta Quadrant. we still have the Fed and KDF war which haven't be resolve, let alone the iconian storyline. Anyway since we are all wondering if or how should we get to the DQ, well the Dyson sphere could be the way to the DQ, since it is under the control of the voth am sure they have a means to enter both quadrant from where the sphere is.
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