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08-28-2013, 07:43 PM
Originally Posted by kapla1755 View Post
Sounds nice but.....
The Lobi store UI would need to have a separate AI routine to check a character's inventory to make sure they have the Mobius for example unboxed on the current character and update the Lobi store UI to show that yes I have that ship opened so i can now purchase the companion ship console, times "x" number of people in a similar situation each and every time you opened the interface it would become a resource hog with little benefit to the company and a potential revenue loss with people not trying to get the complimentary console from the other ship. All those Lobi store ships were purchased by someone who just decided to put them on exchange vs use it themselves , and i say thank you to everyone who does that.
Those checks? Already done, frequently, for other lockbox ships, for their unique equipment in the Dilithium store. Adding another check in the Lobi store wouldn't require all that much additional code. (And, since it's a simple check, it's not really even AI. It's just a routine.)