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Incredible shame about diplomacy. I wonder if that's also why we heard mention of Gateway being use in the oft-rumored exploration revamp. As fun as it sounds, I want to play STO in STO, and that includes things like diplomacy and exploration. Turning everything into sliders and radio boxes is crippling the game, turning it into something resembling the Zynga titles where it's mostly about repetitive tasks as opposed to experiencing content.

I am happy, however, to hear that attention is being directed at what's already in the game instead of designing new systems. There is a lot already here, but it was delivered so halfheartedly; expanding on the core will really bring this game up to snuff.
This was very disappointing. For Stahl one of the take home messages from the most recent voyager villain poll, should have been that there is a large amount of interest in a delta quadrant game that highlights an exploration revamp, and isn't merely another alien killing field.

Stahl spends a lot of time criticizing Mass Effect and SWOR for providing an illusion which isn't sustainable for STO, but even an illusion of exploration with a grounding in dogfighting is preferable to lip service of exploration with no real intent to rework that system.

Meanwhile as purplegamer notes, revamping the reputation, fleet holdings and doff sliders, which many players feel is representative of this endgame grind to nowhere, is given priority over systems like exploration and foundry, which could potentially redefine a game that already has plenty of decent action content.

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